We might be on to something here.........

Updated: Aug 13

Wow! Still in quarantine and these birthday parades are taking off like wildfire!! Birthdays just keep happening, quarantine or not! Sweet 16 in Quarantine is going to be a story for the ages when these kids get older.

Anywho, up next, my son's girl, Emily

Such a sweetie. Poor girl, the skies opened right at the beginning of the parade! That didn't stop the 20+ cars rolling through and our little Miss standing under a 10x10 pop up to say thanks to everyone that drove by.

Emily is a fan of Coke, so I swore we were going for Red and White on her name, but, as usual, I was wrong. (Ya think you know a kid.........) LOL!

I truly wish we had gone much larger on the name. I think Emily would have liked it a little larger as well. She took measurments and I did not convey them properly to my husband. So it's about half the size that it should have been. It still came out gorgeous - I love the color combo that she picked. I know that it goes great in her coca-cola themed bedroom

Each of the girls chose their fonts from several options. This font is wildly popular. I really like it too.

Happy birthday to Emily - It rained on your parade and it did not affect your beautiful smile at all!


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