Turning Passions Into Paychecks

This was a strange title for me to write. I keep thinking about my present life. All the plans we have. Starting our new business. Researching blog subjects to write about. We're new and still trying to figure it all out. Then I realized. I already have a passion to write about that lets me explore new ideas.

I already own my own business. For almost 30 years now. I'm a piano teacher. I love what I do. I don't think of it as a "job". It's my life. When I go to school functions, I'm "The Piano Lady" because I play with the chorus's in the school district.

Honestly, when I was in high school, I didn't have a direct direction. I had a passion for music. Sucked at music theory (beyond the basics, I still do!) My mom wanted me to go to Fredonia for music therapy. It was a new thing back then and because I was really good with kids, she really thought that was a good direction for me. But the truth was, I was a terrible student. I hated studying, I was terrible at writing papers. I had decent grades, but that was about it.

Then in my senior year of high school, a kid named Shane knocked on my door. He said the lady across the street (MY PRESCHOOL TEACHER LOL!!!) said he should come see me for piano lessons. And now almost 30 years later, here I am.

I admit, I don't think I was a fantastic teacher when I was younger. Personally, I don't think I became the teacher I really wanted to be until I became a mom. That's when I TRULY learned about patience. When I started to let go of the tremendous expectations I put on myself and the kids, we started to have more and more fun. That's the first thing I tell any parent that calls me about lessons, I like to have fun. If you are looking for a rigid, must be virtuoso by the time they are 8, kind of teacher, I'm not that person. If you don't mind the silliness that comes with learning and keeping the kids coming back to learn more,

So here I am writing about turning passion into a paycheck. That's one for me! Yay!

But now I'm on another adventure with my husband. That started back in blog post number 1. My son's friends all turning SWEET 16.

This was just before COVID struck and quarantines began. Long story short, I'm a boy mom. Always wanted a little girl, and I got the kids of my dreams instead. Two amazing boys that fill my heart so much, sometimes it hurts. My oldest son developed this amazing group of friends, of which 90% are girls. And I LOVE them. And they love me. And they love my sons. It's just a love fest. Anywho, so, when they started their party planning, I just kind of threw my hat in the ring saying that I was capable of doing some things(centerpieces, cakes, anything with glitter) and that my husband could help. And then the glitter names started.

The super fun part has been collaboration with my husband. We're a great team. We bounce ideas off of each other and really help each other figure things out.

We incorporated ourselves and started our game plan. Unfortunately, COVID has been a little bit of a hinderance and a little bit of help. Husband has to work from home, so we gain a little extra time at the end of the day to plan and organize. There's also no parties happening right now locally so we're using all of the son's friends anyway so make names so we can experiment with fonts and colors. Almost win/win

Once we have the shop set up the way that we really want, it would be much easier for me to start the "how to" posts. I certainly see why people want to share their crafts. It's all about passion


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