NO longer needing as much tech help

Updated: Oct 11

Besides starting this fun business, my main occupation is as a piano teacher. I've been at it for over 25 years and I love what I do

Years ago, I had a student I adored but she moved away. Mom mentioned something about Skype lessons and I was just like, Ummmm, no?? Like it was such a far fetched idea! How could I teach over video when interaction was limited?? Fortunately, the family found a teacher rather quickly in their new town and my little friend (not so little anymore) is thriving!

2020: ENTER COVID. Wow! Who would have thought that I would switch to online teaching?!? I didn't think it was possible at all. Seriously.

Somehow, between Facebook messenger video chat and Facetime and Skype, I managed to keep and teach 80% of my students during quarantine. It was unreal. I would make deliveries to families every few weeks of fun music to practice. We moved forward with music we were already working on. The kids were fabulous!!! I could not be any prouder of the work accomplished by every student that continued to play.

So here we are. It's now August. Four and a half months after quarantine began and now we're talking about getting ready for school. ANY schooling at this point would be great, but that's another post for another day. Since resuming in person lessons (with a whole lot of precautions in place) the students have continued to practice and play and laugh and smile and learn. Normally, they have 2 performance opportunities each year. First, in the spring, they would have a graded performance (NYSSMA) that we work diligently on for most of the school year. Then, everyone's favorite time of the year, our Christmas recital!! Undoubtedly, the more fun recital. HAHA!

Trying to be creative and to keep the kids engaged, now I have decided to put together 3 recitals in the next 5 months!!

Yup! Let's make a recital of everything that you worked on during quarantine. They should be able to show off to family and friends (from a distance) all the hard work that they managed to keep up with. Then, let's have some real fun afterwards and have a Halloween recital!! Movie, TV and video game music. Record it in costume! Super fun! (AS a bonus, if the weather is good, the electric piano will be on the stoop and the kids are going to be invited to come over in 15 minute increments to play their music for the trick or treaters that come around the neighborhood!) Right after Halloween, we're right back into Christmas music. OH WHAT FUN!!!

So, how do I do this? Seriously. I've never made a video before in my life except for a few piano recordings for my students to listen to. I need help! Lots of help. I have lots of talent for many things. Tech stuff?? NOT so much. I'm a fast learner. Need help! ******UPDATE****** as of 10/11/20

No more help needed! We figured it out and it was such a fun learning process. A few hiccups along the way but definitely love that we were able to put a recital together for the kids to share with their family. We are almost ready for our Halloween recordings and the kids are really looking forward to it.

(listen, the fact that I am able to put this website and blog together is still a slow learning process, but I'm doing it!!) And on top of that, I also figured out how to help you get discounted music! This is by far one of my most favorite sheet music website! #musicnotes


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