Updated: Oct 11

One of my son's sweet friends FINALLY got to have her sweet 16 party after months of waiting. Outdoors. Safely.

Very proud of the work we did here for her. Her glitter name was ready months ago for her birthday parade.

Then came the rest of the work! We decided to do an untraditional candelabra. The theme for her party was "Under the Stars" so, that's what we did. 16 individual candle holder stars. The process went smoothly and quickly.

Starting with half size sheets of plywood, we used scroll saw to cut 6 inch tall stars.

Then we sanded out the edges because no one wants splinters while lighting candles.

Next we cut 2x4 blocks and drilled 2 holes in the top for tapered candles. The stars were then glued and stapled to either side. Back to the scroll saw to cut excess.

Then it was GLITTER TIME!! (my husband's least favorite time!!)

So pretty!

We also helped make the centerpieces..

Dollar store 10 in vases. We got bling off of Amazon and also blue fairy lights. A lot of hot glue (and blisters - ouch!) Some painters tape, mod podge and MORE GLITTER!!

Super stunning!

Just LOVED the way that this came out!!! Worth every second of effort. Out sweet 16 princess was just gorgeous and the evening was a success.

After is was all said and done, I needed to clean up! So off to Michael's I went and got started organizing all the material. #Michaels craft store is amazing especially when you can buy for your business. Check them out!


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