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Updated: Aug 17

I found something quick and fun to make with my wine bottle upcycling. I only made 4 so far, but I found that I was very relaxed after sitting and just crafting. Just as fun was the week leading up to it where I was able to do bottle splitting. Definitely a tutorial that I'm going to be putting together because once I got the hang of it, it truly was easy.

I decided to take some of those made bottles and give them away to some of my friend's daughters. They are cute designs and almost what I pictured in my head when I started making them. With each girl in mind -artists, crocheters, musicians, just to start - I put these together using free printables, some antiqued printer paper that I had bought years ago, some glittery mod podge and twine.

This one is about 6 inches tall. This lovely young lady is a chic-fil-a fan. So I knew right away what I was going to make for her.. Whether she chooses to use this for painting or sketching supplies or as a makeup brush jar or anything else she may come up with. The smile on her face when I pulled this out of my bag was everything.

This was a toss up and I know that I have to make a few more of these. 2 girls that I had in mind for this, only one was present at the time, so I let her choose between this and a musical one. These kids love Harry Potter as much as I do and this was my favorite creation.

Not all of my bottle cutting was succesfully straight, but rather than throwing away the imperfect ones, I sanded them down to a smooth finish anyway and used them as trial pieces. Even this slight dip almost looks like it should be there.

The front of the jar has the image of the MaraudersMap from Harry Potter. The back was a very cool free printable that, now, I wish I had made just a pinch darker but still love nonetheless.

I really would like to get going on the full size bottle projects as well, but it has been so humid that spray painting and acrylic paints are not happy. This is something that I have to do more research on on how to handle changes in temp.

The last jars that I made were musical. The first one came out too funky so I didn't take a picture of it. The second one came out beautiful (in my unbiased opinion)

Again, just over 6 inches tall, I would keep this near my piano for pencils and highlighters to mark music - a dear friend once gave me a paper rose made out of sheet music - so I could also use this as a vase for the rose. I like the antiqued paper look and the rusticness also - PS - husband built those shelves and the shiplap that is the backround of all these pics.

I can't tell if this picture makes the jar look tiny or realistic! LOL! Putting the pens in there for reference made sense, but as I look at the picture now, it just seems tiny. Still working on the aspects of pictures - baby steps.

So, here's all 3 of my creations together for a final pic. Once I truly have this down, my son wants to get on board with the creating process which makes my heart smile. Whether he's in it for the paycheck or to spend time with me (either way he wins!!) I'm just happy that he wants to be involved

Thanks for spending time!


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