SEO, HASHTAGS and ALL the other things

There is SO MUCH to read!!!! Trying to incorporate all the buzzwords into every post and written page is a lot to think about. Now, I've only been at this for a month and I am completely thrilled with the 55 Pinterest followers that I have and the amount of times that my pins have been seen. My Instagram is slowly growing as well. Getting better at using hashtags. A lot of the blog posts that I read are saying a lot of the same things. It takes a long time to find the balance of writing, creating, posting and answering messages. The research and reading the pins that I think are going to help. Some of them, I have found, are fishing. Some people are happy to tell you what to do and others really are sending you through to monetize. I get it. If you can make a pretty penny off of it, go for it!!! There's plenty of people, I'm sure, that find it tremendously helpful.

I just have it in my brain to read, read, read. I get it, I'm going to eventually sign up for #tailwind

because everyone talks about what great results they get from it. I'm not looking to go viral, but I would love more attention on our work.

We really aren't even getting to the woodworking part of the business yet. That's slow and I can't push husband any more - he's working his ass off to set up for me. I like him teaching me - it's like being in shop class again as a teenager except this time I get to have a crush on the teacher

We are a super team (have I mentioned this before?) We truly do work well together and love bouncing ideas off of each other. We improve each other. We elevate each other's ideas. That is great collaboration. Which is why I get so anxious to get into the shop. I love my little wine bottle projects, but the REALLY cool stuff is all written down. My hope is to be able to be up and running by October. Fall is my absolute favorite so to get some of the woodworking done for then would be fabulous.

Wow! Rereading the post before wrapping up and I seem to be gushing about my guy a lot. Anywho...........yeah - the research part really is taking up a lot of time, but I want to do it right. I have so many ideas and wanting to implement them at the right time so desperately trying not to get ahead of myself and the creating process.

I hope a year from now, that I will still be writing and coming back to this and seeing how far we've come together


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