Reset, Recharge, Restart

For the first time in almost a year, we ran away from home for a few days. We have this little slice of heaven up in the Catskills that we love to run away to. I think I liked it better when we were unreachable. Recently my husband bought a mifi unit so that when my father in law would head up by himself, he would be able to reach home if he needed anything. So now, when we are there, we are reachable and reaching for the phone to check the social websites and the emails starts to take time like our every day. Aside from that, it's still my slice of heaven. I tried, more often than not, to keep my phone at bay. But the boys had brought their phones and video games for downtime. For as much as we did all together, there was still a bit of downtime and I found myself getting annoyed that they were having electronics still glued to their eyeballs. Meh, they're teenages and I should just let them, right? Better than the grouchy, bored alternative. Whatever. They smiled. They told me they loved me and I even got a few hugs. I'll take it.

Laying in a hammock as long as I want. Got smart this year and bought my boys their own inflatable hammock #wekapo so they would leave me and mine alone.

Turns out to be a fabulous find as they were able to chillax and star gaze during 2 perfectly clear nights.

We go fishing (I'm the one that they have to peel away from the fishing hole) We try to find trails to hike. We do have one on the backside of the property that goes up a mountain. Unfortunately, because it's been a year since being there, there has been a lot of fallen trees and heavy growth to block our 40 year old trail. My first thought to my husband was, "well, guess we have to make another trip sooner than later - machetes, chain saws and loppers. I'm down for it" Any excuse to get back there. Ultimately, I think I was meant to be a country girl with small lakes and streams. I'm too pale to be a beach person - never was one to begin with. But, give me greenery and the sound of leaves blowing in the wind, water trickling over the rocks and birds singing their songs overhead and I'm there!!

So it was a full 48 hours of eating, drinking, laughing, star gazing, fishing, walking, talking and lots of laughter. My children truly can make me laugh out loud! They have their father's sense of humor. The older they get, it's a whole different level of enjoying them. As much as I love looking back at memories and their sweet squishy faces, I really do love them as they are in this moment. My husband and I are very close with our own parents, I can only hope that we have that same relationship with our boys right through adulthood.

Now the summer is starting to wrap up. Thoughts of school (however that may happen) are starting to fill my head and fall decorating and planting mums. With such little cases of Covid around, it's hard to process the possibility of it returning with school and the normal germs. I'll hold on to my slice of heaven for a few more days before the hustle and bustle of work become the norm again.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.


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