Quarantine?! Now what??

Updated: 4 days ago

After our first foray into helping to plan a sweet 16, I was really excited that another one of my son's friends asked me to help with hers also. Her mom and I dove head first into her pinterest board for all things Sweet 16. The ideas were numerous and we quickly had a game plan. We took a starry night and Friends theme and rolled it into one. Would love to show you how it turned out, but Covid-19 canceled all the plans. Hopefully, the numbers will stay down in the NY area and we'll be able to celebrate Peyton this year.

One of the creative ways to celebrate everyone's birthdays was to have a parade. I was ridiculously lucky to be one of the first recipients of this tradition as my birthday was at the beginning of quarantine. I cried. Couldn't believe the amount of people that lined their cars up, handed me flowers and had my favorite songs blasting from the windows. All the mommas got in on this action (and so did the Centereach Fire Department - endlessly going out of their way to make children and adults alike, super happy). So our sweet 16 birthday parades got planned.

And so, we come to Peyton's name. Almost 3 feet wide, her name would have accompanied a candleabra of matching blue and silver star candle holders. Husband used a router to cut names and then hand sanded. Added dowels for stability. This time, the glitter was applied with mod podge, but we finished we a clear coat spray and the results were quite different than that of Gabriella's. We are starting to find our way.

Still experimenting with photography, again, using the piano as a size reference. Then I took the name outside to see if sunlight would make it sparkly more

Loved the brightness. Hated my dead-ish Arborvitae. I am definitely not known for my green thumb. As my husband loves to tease, he really likes it when I buy plants and watch them die. Not for lack of effort.... Just a little A.D.D. ...............................

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