When I tell you that it was a good day yesterday, I truly mean it!! Phew! I got errands done and cleaned the house and did some crafting and woodworking. Then taught piano and still had dinner on the table within a reasonable amount of time. It was a GOOD day, until I sat at the computer. I had a #Pinterest notification on my ipad and when I clicked, I was so excited to see that we had reached 100 followers!! Not bad for mostly organic work. A few paid ads along the past month helped, but, yay for us!!

Then we sat down for the night. I picked up my phone for a quick glance to see if there were any new messages and there's one from #Etsy!!! We made our first sale!!!!! This was ridiculously fun to find out - so to my sale recipient in PA - I am so happy and thankful for you!!!! Even if that's the only sale I make, the fact that you decided to buy one of my upcycled wine bottle projects made it all completely worth it!

Husband and I have been very busy putting a sweet 16 candelabra together so it's taking up a lot of the crafting time this week, but it's all good. For one of my son's best friends, so to make her smile is worth it.

CNC workshop is almost set. Then the big projects are going to start falling into place. I can't wait to share those as well. So many good things, I'm truly going to relish this first win!


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