Party starter!

Updated: 4 days ago

It wasn't hard figuring out what it was I wanted to do. I am a boy mom. My oldest son has a rather large group of friends that are girls. I love them all! So, when they started to turn 16 this year, I really wanted to get crafty and get to do "girlie" things that I won't be able to do with my boys. First up, Gabriella. She was the only fortunate 2020 birthday to be celebrated before quarantine started happening. Her mom is super awesome and let me help Gabi design her custom name, her cake and her centerpieces for her party. She had the ideas - I hope I helped her bring them to life.

I am super fortunate to have a husband that is a woodworker. Also, he helps feed my creative side. Together, we've come up with some wonderful ideas. I love him as a teammate. Alas, I digress. Getting off subject...........I started showing him the giant, sparkly names that were available on Etsy and told him that we should be doing that. We are completely equipped to be doing so. Super surprisingly, he agreed. I was floored because glitter was involved. GLITTER. But he said yes, and I ran away before he could change his mind.

And here we are. Gabi's name. Not bad for our first attempt!

This is all Rose Gold glitter. From what I had read from other creative wonders, using ModPodge as a sealant for glitter was a good thing. Can't say that I was 100% in love with the final coat - seemed not as sparkly as I was hoping for - but Gabi was happy and, well, that's all that mattered! Also, we hadn't really thought too much about mounting the letters to the board. So that took a bit of adjustments and eventually, husband's brilliant brain figured out how to mount the letters seamlessly. Letters still a little rough around the edges, but, it's truly homemade from the heart.

Trying to be creative with photos, I tried to use my piano as a size reference with the keys. I liked the reflection of the glass in my windowsill as well, so I use both pictures on my Etsy, website and Facebook pages. That's something I still have to figure out creatively. Taking the right pictures. That's another selling point that I read so often in other blogs. Baby steps. We're getting there. Thank you always to Gabriella and her family for letting me take the reigns on this.


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