Overwhelmed with new small business

Wow! It's been a few weeks since we made the decision to actually go into business. Promotionally, that is. We already knew that we had a good idea. Promotions and marketing, however, is very time consuming. You poke around on Pinterest and see these pins about making $$$$ in just a few weeks of blogging. Personally, I don't believe it. Fortunately, there are plenty of honest bloggers out there that tell it like it is. You want the promotions, you have to do the work. That's how life works, right?

So, we bit the bullet and bought our domain name. That's really cool. I like that we have that. I'm learning more and more every day about working around the website and, although I am slow, I eventually see the big picture coming together.

We are not in this to be rich and be able to retire early. I am so lucky to have an amazing husband and business partner that sees the big picture with me. We get to have fun together and maybe make a few bucks for a nice family vacation. It's really cool to have another outlet other than our full time careers.

We'll keep plugging along and develop and change and figure out what works and what doesn't.

Off to try a few more crafts. I like playing, so that's good! Should be focused on piano stuff right now for the kiddos but I need to get this all off my brain for a little while first.

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