NICHE? We don't need no stinking niche!!!!

#truth!! I finally came to the realization that we don't need a niche. Truth is, I love everything that I do. Cooking, creating, teaching,'s all there for me. And if I feel like talking about something else, I absolutely should.

I recently came across a blog post through #pinterest that says exactly that.

Andrea from

wrote a great article on this. So, it got me thinking - why do I have to choose. Right now it's not about making money, it's about getting noticed. If I can bring a variety of subjects to the table, why not bring a variety of people to the table - it makes for way more interesting conversation!!

This past weekend I did a whole lot of cooking. So I tried to take some creative photos to put into a blog post. It included meal prep, sous vide with BBQ and also the instant pot.

Then I worked on another wine bottle craft. Took some pics there too that were definitely not creative but showed the work as I went along. I found that one to actually be soothing and therapeudic! LOL!

Over the past few weeks, I also put together a mini movie of my piano students having a virtual recital. That was one hell of a learning process that is going to be another post all of it's own without showing the actual kids.

So, I ask again, why do I need a niche? So many posts out there about why you need one and then I found the one that resounded with me that I don't need one. I can write about whatever is on my mind that day. Do I think this is going to kick me in the butt later? Maybe. But I'm definitely willing to find out because I have spent too much time worrying about what I should and shouldn't be writing about! Insane!!

On that note lovies, I am off to create a food post because we ate a super yummy strip steak this weekend that I am dying to show off!! TA!


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