Holiday Gifts are starting production

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I'm probably way behind from where I should be. But I don't care. We are just getting the ball rolling and I'm excited to make just 1 sale

Today we sold not 1, but 2 of our farmhouse style lap trays. That is so awesome. Trying to keep up with where we are selling is another story. I know I am probably spreading us out a bit thin considering we aren't even done setting up the shop. I'm super motivated to get us off the ground and the one thing the hubbs is really good at is supporting and getting the job done with me. He really has let me go and play with the tools in the shop. Totally digging the scroll saw at the moment. So many awesome woodworkers out there - following as many #instagram accounts #woodworking forums and the like. I know so many of the items listed right now are the upcycled wine bottles, but we really have great wood working in the works.

So, here is a preview of the rustic lap trays!

I am so in love with this. We are selling for $40 and that includes shipping rates as well in mainland USA . Boards measure 19 x 14

The even more fun part is that soon we are going to be able to engrave them!!! I'm geeking out a little bit right now

Oh and we got fancy with our pictures

This photo light studio has been a game changer - totally loving how our pictures are coming out.

Getting fancier........................


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