Gift Giving Favorites - Because I'm already shopping!

My friends quite often laugh at me - not just because I really am a super funny girl - but because I am thinking about Christmas shopping year round. It took me a long time, but, I finally got to the point that if I see something that is a perfect gift, December 26th, then it gets purchased. Several family members and I only exchange at the holidays. More importantly, we have realized over the years, is that we would prefer the gift of time over material things. More lunches and dinners are scheduled throughout the year (this year was all about Friday night live messaging) and then we ONLY buy something if we think it's just an absolute must have. I freaking love my family for this. One year I will buy my one sis in law 5 things because they were absolutely perfect while the other sis got 1. It's not quantity, it's definitely quality - and sometimes it's just about the laugh factor.

So, I am going to share with you some of the amazing finds that I have gotten family over the past few years based on our silly family life.

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Retirement Clock

*Both my parents and my inlaws retired around the same time - this was such a huge hit. Both houses have this hanging years later. On a little bit of a side note, when my husband's grandmother started suffering with dementia a little bit, this clock came in handy for a little while for her as well. Then she graduated onto my MIL favorite clock

With this, Grandma was able to distinguish AM and PM a little better. BIG letters and numbers. Super wonderful for the purpose it served.

Nieces and Nephews across the country

*This little item went over so well I bought one for myself to drive my kids and their friends around at night with. Super easy to install and last week, I drove my girlfriend and her family out to dinner and she LOVED it - I see this in her future too - she has a hot rod mom car and her eldest is about to get her license!!

*This Customized Street Sign was an awesome gift for my kids and my cousin as well. We both just finished our basements for the kids to hang out in and these signs went over HUGE - There's tons of options for background pics and fonts as well. These were delivered so quickly. And for under $20 per sign, I think we did well with this one!!

*My niece is a big gamer and cosplayer as well. This was a super fun gift for her. Anything video game related for her is an easy win. So she was able to dress up her phone too!

*Cell phone holder and water bottle holder (yes, the water bottle thingy is listed in the baby section) - these were perfect for all the kids/teenagers in the family. This past summer saw a lot of bike riding - and this was a great addition for their bikes. Whether they were riding for slushees or just getting out and about. Their hands were in control (that's what I like to think about my perfect children LMAO) and the extra addition of the water bottle holder actually made them happy. WIN!

**Another light up fun gift that lights up the kids room, this back lite for their computer monitor!

They LOVE this - such a fun way to light up their rooms.

**Still staying on the kid side of things, this was an amazing purchase that I made when my boys started stealing my hammock from me when we would go on vacation!!! #wekapo has this amazing air hammock. I finally got mine back!

My monsters taking leisurely relaxation time. Seriously. So cool. Since the temps are getting cooler, they run outside to fill it and then take it down to the basement for hangout time instead of using the couch we got for them to sit on.

Not 1, but 2GIFTS for the price of 1!!!

2 kids + 2 lights = YAY! I love when I randomly walk into their rooms and the party lights are on. Maybe another set is in store for the basement - to go along with the next gift..........

It amazes me that some things never go out of style!

HOLY CRAP - this gift has held up really well. It's been strapped to bikes. Thrown in backpacks and placed under #spikeball nets. This speaker below!!!!

This portable speaker takes a lickin and keeps on tickin - until the battery runs out and then your charge it on up with your USB cable. The kid brings this EVERYWHERE! Another one of those purchases that was just so perfect and perfectly random.

Engraved Gift

*Now, I'm sharing this one as a really silly gift that I gave my boys. My husband is a goofball and seriously enjoys goofball movies. #UHF with #weirdal has to be the most rewatched movie in this house and the giggle never stop - actually, the giggles start early because they know what's coming. Me, personally, couldn't get through it a few years ago and they have begged me to watch with them every time. Now I quote it more than them. SO....... I went to #spatulacity! LOL! I found this amazing woman, told her my silly story and had not 1 but 2 spatulas made. One for each child which they proudly display in their rooms (which, as teenagers, I wear as a badge of pride)

Freaking amazing. I don't let them drink from the waterhose anymore!

Speaking of #UHF and not an egraved gift, I had to follow through on the Christmas over load and now they also have movie posters hanging in their rooms. LMFAO - they love it!

Total Randomness

*My dad is a pain in the ass. To shop for. LOL! Seriously. He's a pain in the ass and his birthday is on Christmas day. I love that man. He's an #airforce veteran. His retired life has landed him in a location that allows him to see fly overs almost on a daily basis. So since he is SO DIFFICULT to shop for, when I came across this, I had to get it for him. Doesn't look like we'll be going without masks any time soon so might as well let him show his love for all things airplanes while wearing his #airforceveteran hat. Who's yer daddy?

***Let me tell you, this next item should go in every stocking of every person that lives where there are bugs at some point during the year. Oh, that must mean everyone.

My MIL has this AMAZING gift for finding the most random and helpful things. We laughed at her when she gave it to us and now we have bought so many and keep them throughout the house and bought them for our neighbors also. You get a bug bite. You put this thingy on top of it and SUCK it (suction) and the itch goes away - sometimes only for hours, sometimes completely!!!!! BUY THIS FOR EVERYONE THAT LIVES AROUND BUGS!!!!!! #bugbitething is the best THING you will purchase for every member of your family.

**Buy this for your favorite little person and they will surely be pissed at you because you ask to try it and don't give it back. We got this for my nephew, he opened it, shared it, and didn't see it for quite some time and didn't tell anyone had mad he was that everyone played with his toy except for him HAHAHA - it's a silly thing that you THINK you can do, but don't move a muscle because you will lose.

**This gem right here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ was massively fought over during a family grab bag last year. Who would've thunk!? Guess those middle of the night bathroom runs should be fun!

**Got this nugget above for our younger teen. He really wanted it to attach to his bike and take off on adventures. For the price, we thought it was reasonable and he got SO MUCH use out of it. Quarantine has slowed down the adventures but he talks about using it again when he can!! I can't wait to go hiking in our trail and see his perspective. He is way more adventurous than me.

Yes, please!! Our neighbor (my 3rd kid) is here for every taco night that we have. He is so heavily into tacos that we are already cleaning our plates when he is taking his first bite from assembly. When I saw this, I HAD TO HAVE IT - not just for me, but I got it for his mom to have too!!! This was a game changer. He ate at least 1 taco by the time we were all done. Baby steps.

Super fun stocking stuffer - no further explanation needed.


My boys take gaming quite seriously. Like, I should buy blood pressure cuffs because I worry about how involved they get. These headphones here, my kid bought with his own money. I tell you this because I probably would smack him upside the head if I bought it and saw how he abused them!! LOL! These suckers have lasted quite some time for all the verbal abuse and slamming down and pounding on the head and all the other reactions that occur during #overwatch league craziness.

And with that, comes this mouse

The kids swears that he MUST have this because all his friends do and it has survived HOURS of gaming. I can't vouch for it yet. If you have it, let me know - I'm just going by what the kids says on this one.

OKAY!!!! I think that's enough gift ideas for the moment - hopefully that was a gift giving head start for you. If only I can find someone else's list that has something different for me to use on my family LOL!!! Happy Shopping everyone! Share the love please!


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