Christmas in a time of Quarantine - what I am doing for my family

This pandemic has just been shit. Just mind numbing bullshit. There I said it. Just like I'm sure you all have too. I have aging parents on the opposite side of the country that have all but barricaded themselves in their home. I have a depressed teenager that wants nothing else but to go back to school and be social. I have an anti social teenager that is dreading schools reopening because then, well, people. Husband works from home. He wants the normalcy of his workday and not the delays of remoting in and always being on the phone. I have almost always worked from home. I teach out of my home - started remotely in March and then back in person this past summer - and will continue to do so until I am told otherwist. I LOVE having everyone under the roof almost always.

While the weather is still somewhat decent, the kids do socialize a bit outdoors. School is open 2 days a week but they can't go near each other. Not even in the cafeteria. I think the happiest the boys are is when I am teaching piano to their friends so there is a little change to the doldrums of the afternoons.

Recently speaking with my aunt who hosts Thanksgiving every year since forever, she is thinking about canceling because she is at risk with being a cancer survivor. I didn't hesitate to tell her to do so for her safety. We ALL have phones and computers and tablets that are portable and we can all make our own dinners and sit down to eat at the same time on Thanksgiving day. Sure, it will be different, but we would still be "together"ish. There is always a way.

My parents are on the fence about a visit for Thanksgiving. They have the tickets. They don't have the bravery. They are both at risk beyond their age. I totally get it. My dad is on the fence because the day that they are scheduled to go home is the day that #southwestairlines is stopping the middle seat stays open policy. Now sure, they can change the day that they go home, but then they have to pay more money that they don't have. That ain't right.

So here I am talking about Thanksgiving when my blog title talks about Christmas. I know, I know, get to the point already.

Here's my point then. Move ahead as if was any other year. Hang all the decorations. Bake all the cookies. Watch all the movies and have a magical Christmas morning. Will it be different. Yes. Will it suck? Only if you let it.

Truly.. I know. We have dealt with death and seperation anxiety going on 8 months now in our house. Not for one second have I thought about changing any of our plans. Will we have all 30 family members at our house for Christmas dinner? Probably not. Am I going to go out of my way to help my kids feel the magic no matter what? Absolutely. I want to add a derogatory word here but we are talking about a holy day so I'll pass.

The budget is tighter so there will be less under the tree but we will still make the most of the day and we will video chat with as many people as possible. I will send lots of love, food and alcolhol to my best friend that lost her husband in May very suddenly to Covid. It's what I can do to help make her 1st holiday without him even 1 ounce easier. Her children are my children and their birthdays are near then also. Their hearts are heavy and ours are too. We can't stop the tears but we can hold the tissues.

This is going to be a holiday season for the books. We will be telling grandchildren and beyond stories of this year. Everyone has one. Some more tragic than others. Hopefully, less people will have those stories.

What are you doing to help the magic stay? Am I missing something or am I a crazy person? I'm following my heart on this one. Family and friends forever. Chirstmas or Covid.


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