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My email has been building to an eruption lately - but not for sales unfortunately. No, it is building day by day with now mostly unread holiday prep emails coming in from every available website! I feel more and more like we are really behind in what we SHOULD have done. Truth is, I just don't know what to expect. We are a new company. I only have a handful of things listed.

Coming up with a game plan won't be difficult to do - it's my procrastination on follow through that will slow me down

Fortunately, my business partner knows me well enough that he won't let me. He makes me feel more organized even if it's organized chaos.

So, here's how we are going about getting ready for the holidays.


Fortunately, I have lots of friends that like to drink wine, so our bottle supply is decent. I have found links on #amazon that will allow me to buy backup if necessary since half of our bottles get cut and the other are left whole. The cut bottles may sometimes crack during the process so we have to consider breakage as a quantity loss, not a money loss.

These tall bottles above are what I use when I want to keep the bottle whole to wrap. Lots of surface area to work with. These bottles also have options for different colors. Really pretty. But for my purposes, I keep it clear.

These stretch bottles are the ones that I would cut. Several different reasons why I use these. There are 3 different points of breakage that I would use that I feel gives more shape and variety. These are the ones that I use for the pencil/ cosmetic brush holder jars. I have been saving the tops for another project I'm thinking about for next year. When the holidays pass and we're getting organized for a new year, I will make a video about how I go about cutting.

We have another list of supplies that includes, but is not limited to, twine, spray paint, mod podge, glitter (lots of glitter), glue sticks, xacto knives and a lot more. Shipping boxes have recently been ordered as well. I found 2 sizes that work for the bottles and keep the costs reasonable from the post office.


Work space is crucial.

My work space right now, in a word, sucks.

Gross. Right? My husband and I renovated our den several years ago to accomodate a new living space and piano studio. Somehow, since quarantine began, so did this disaster. My organized chaos. The rest of the room is pretty and decorated and this BLECH is under the television so after our work days, we stare at this (Seriously, I ignore it but I know my husband is cursing me under his breath.) Honestly, I know I have to move it to the basement before the holidays because whether or not we actually host Christmas again this year, this is a main sitting area for our ginormous family. And I don't want to look at it Christmas morning. We made the basement into a kid friendly area but I think I can find a small space somewhere. I'll send a picture when that's done. In the end, having a workspace is super important. Don't follow my lead on this one.


In blog posts past, I have said time and time again that I suck at taking pictures. We are finally on the road to changing that a little. We purchased a photo booth . #ESDDI LED shooting tent kit

What a difference a photo tent makes!!!

I mean, not terrible - I use my piano as a reference quite often. But then we got the tent and I may love the next photo more!!

Sure, it doesn't show a size reference, but, the picture is SO PRETTY!!

My husband is so happy we have that now because I have been making cakes for years and he can't stand the pictures that I take because there's always some kind of nonsense in the background (usually the giant cake mess I make when I'm putting a cake together)

So, what other suggestions can you give me to help with organizing for the upcoming holiday season? Are you in a similar situation as me? Are you a holiday veteran and you think I'm a nut job? I would love to know! Drop me some knowledge please!!

PS - side note - definitely use #Canva to help your posts POP!!! Whoa! It truly brings the WOW factor to your advertising.


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