Awesome and Unusual Gifts!

I am always on the hunt for something different. Also, I try to bring a bit of laughter to the show - more mine than anyone else's but sometimes it's a win/win.

I have mentioned before that my dad's birthday is also Christmas day which makes shopping for an already difficult person to shop for, well, more difficult. I have done some extensive research just for you to help find gifts for your difficult person!


The title I accidentally spelled wrong and I decided to keep it spelled Blankey. Who doesn't want to snuggle up in their blankey?!??! This blanket comes in a multitude of colors and is ridiculously warm. My boys are each getting one for the afternoons that they are hanging out in the basement watching movies. So perfect!!!


Speaking of wrapping my boys up in blankeys, I got them this too!! LOL!! This burrito blanket is freaking adorable and I needed to get this for them too. Several of their friends are going to find this one hysterical.


Honestly did not know that this was still a thing until recently. But what I DO know is that Harry Potter will never get old and this is for fans of the movie - I LOVE the description too because you can't actually promote it as what it really it LOL!!!! As a family that loves all things HP, #stockingstuffer


This shot glass is right up my husband's alley plus a few other friends. Personally, I think this would be more of a bar decor item, but it will definitely get used on occasion.


Now this may not seem like a "must have" present, but when I saw this and the designs that they had, I instantly thought of my sister in law (who unfortunately lives in a place that seldom sees rain). But then other family members come to mind when I started clicking through the different designs. And the amazing fact that it flips inside out to keep you dry is incredibly awesome as well.


Another #stockingstuffer nugget that the boys will be receiving this year as well as our nephews that go with us. When we go camping, this will be a great little tool for them to keep with them when we go hiking up a mountain. We already keep a machete with us for some of the brush, but, I like them to be prepared for anything that comes their way.


This one is actually on MY wish list this year. I saw it last year and didn't ask for it. It still fascinates me and I have the perfect shelf for it to be displayed on. There's just something unique about it that I love.


Also on my list. I am NOT a gardener. I have a tiny patch out front that sees a little effort from me every year. I plant things that require little to no effort. Mums mostly. Although this year I discovered petunias. Either way, these gloves look like less work to me having to multi tool my way through my tiny garden area. I'm willing to try anything at this point.


#TRUTH - because I'm an extremely lucky girl. Enough said.


A gift for my true north. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Maybe also a gift for someone that lives far away. There's a lot of potential gift recipients on this one.


I see 4 gifts here. 1 for each friend with a bottle of their favorite wine. Done. Sleek, modern and beautiful.


Yeah, selfishly, another one on my list. I have a rather large kitchen sink. I love that the handles expand and that the collander collapses for storage. 2 important things for the kitchen I own.

So, that's this week's list of gift giving ideas I have for you. I will continue to scour the interwebs for new and unusual gift ideas for you (AND ME!!!!)

Do you have any links that you want to share with me? Do we have the same style and you thing I'm going to love something!? Share away please!!!!

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