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Okay - so I know a while back I was questioning the whole affiliate thing. I get it. Everyone wants to make money for the work they put into their blog. As I learn and grow, I am realizing the same way. Passive income can really help. I saw a vlog recently about how a woman made 90k with only 59k subscribers. All passive because of ads that were in her videos.

Now, I have a wix blog. I started here because I find this website quite easy to navigate. However, my monetary options are limited. I've applied to #GoogleAdsense but I seem to be having a hard time setting it up properly even after watching YouTube videos on it. I THINK that I am setting it up right, but I am apparently missing something. I will figure this out because I am not about to pay someone to search through. I get a lot of emails of people willing to help my blog out and I'm not there yet because I really want to learn on my own. Right now, this is not a way of looking for a source of income. It's not a necessity. So, I have to pick and choose where the money gets spent in promoting all the things that I do. I figured our how to use #FlexOffers finally and I'll be integrating links into posts soon as well.

I have also been making sure that I have the right wording down as far as the affiliate links are concerned. Lots of legal stuff to follow up on so that everyone knows that you are getting a small commission.

My biggest issue is time management still. So much going on with the kids being hybrid schooling, running 2 businesses out of my home full time and the husband is also still working from home. I love to cook and I can't seem to stop spoiling my family, so they get a hot breakfast every morning and also a home cooked meal almost every night. Leftovers are my lunches. Then as most grown ups know, there's the food shopping, cleaning, laundry (which is SLOWLY being handed over to the kids - but my OCD on folding clothes is hard to let go of), planning, following through on the important stuff, and wine time. That's generally after coffee time. Priorities.

So, here I am writing about my affiliate wants and going down the rabbit hole about the rest of life. That's how my brain works. I am writing this post thinking about my next post. I want to publish several different ones, but the timing is always off. So I'll start here.

Do you have any other advice that you can give? I know that several bloggers use wordpress and blue host. I tried that back in the beginning of the year but just got too confused. Several different bloggers give fantastic visual posts and I get to certain points where the hand holding goes away and then I am lost again.

I really do have to be more patient. The biggest thing that I have taken away from a lot of bloggers is that it took them MONTHS - close to a year, to really figure things out.

Hey, so guess what, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.!!

Here's some things I use on the daily!

Gotta get moving on drinking the wine, cleaning the bottles and decorating away!!!

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